How To Clean a Vape Coil

How To Clean a Vape Coil

Vape coils can be one of the biggest expenses for vapers. While coils should be replaced as often as every three weeks or so depending on how often you vape, it is possible to get longer life from coil heads with regular cleaning. Here's a quick guide to cleaning vape coils.

Signs Your Vape Coil Needs Cleaning

The majority of vapers today prefer a sub tank that uses replaceable coils. When the coils have reached the limits of their usefulness, a new coil head is installed in the tank.
Vapers can get a feel for when their coils need replacing by recognizing the signs. The problem is that a dirty coil can produce the same signs as a coil that needs replacing. When your coil first starts to experience these symptoms, a good coil cleaning may extend its life for a few more vaping sessions.
The first indication that a coil needs cleaning is the standard burnt and bitter taste of e-juice. In most cases, experiencing this means the coil has already passed the point of no return. If you catch it quick, though, a cleaning might help.
As a matter of fact, pay attention to any differences in the taste of your e-liquid. The slightest difference in flavor is a sure sign that something is out of whack.
A leaking tank can also indicate that cleaning is necessary. Of course, you should check everything out to make sure you don't have a poor seal. Don't be surprised, though, if cleaning the coil stops the leak.
Finally, a gurgling sound is an indication that your coil is dirty or worn out. If you get a "pop" when you vape, the reason for this is usually that a portion of your coil is not generating enough heat to create vapor. Removing residue might be enough to fix the problem.

Can You Clean a Vape Coil?

First of all, let's answer this question: Can you reuse vape coils? You can do anything you want, but vaping on a burnt coil is a bad idea. Your vape will be unsatisfying, and you may damage your vaporizer.
Can you clean a vape coil? Absolutely. If you're using a sub tank, the coil can be cleaned. The process isn't as difficult as you would expect, and it takes just a few minutes.
We know what you're thinking: Why clean coils when replacing them is pretty affordable? While most coils are inexpensive, the tank you have them in might not be. Cleaning also helps to extend the life and function of your sub tank. Who doesn't like saving money?

How To Clean Vape Coils

Learning how to clean your vape coils takes less than five minutes. Some methods are simple and some are complex, but all of them require minimal effort. The best way to make a habit of them is to create a routine and stick to it. When cleaning, also take time to inspect your rig for problems. Catching an issue quickly can prevent permanent damage to your device.
The first thing you will want to do is purchase coil heads in packs of five. This is typically how they are sold. When you remove a coil for cleaning, pop in a new one. Just keep rotating them out, and you won't believe the difference this makes in the length of coil life.
After a few days of vaping, remove your existing coil head. Set it aside and clean the inside of the heating chamber with rubbing alcohol. The great thing about rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates quickly. Once the heating chamber is dry, install a new coil head and reassemble your tank.
Next, take the head that you just removed and inspect it for signs of residue and debris. Do you see all the gunk that has accumulated? To remove it, place the coil head in a small container of rubbing alcohol to soak. Some sources say that it doesn't really matter how long you soak the coil, but we recommend an overnight soak as the max cleaning time.
Remove the coil from the rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. If you find that portions of the coil have not dried after a reasonable amount of time, just dab the coil with a cotton swab to remove the excess moisture. Remember that the cotton wick inside a coil will take longer to dry, so don't get too eager to replace the coil. Let it dry completely.
You may find that some people recommend using an alcohol product to soak coils. Do whatever suits you, but be aware that using drinkable alcohol could alter the taste of your e-liquid.
We should also mention that regular cleaning of your entire tank is a good idea. Many vapers like to have multiple tanks so they can always keep a clean one at the ready. Wipe down the glass and other areas of the tank with warm water or rubbing alcohol, and don't forget to inspect the tank for damage.
There you have it. This simple procedure can save you a lot of money over the course of the year. Every dollar you save on coils is a dollar you can spend on those crazy new e-liquid flavors you've been wanting to try.


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