How To Make a Vaping Battery Last Longer

Vaping can be an expensive activity. This is especially true for those who like to try out the latest mods, accessories and e-juices. Learning how to make your vaping battery last longer is one way you can reduce the costs of vaping. A few simple tips and tricks will increase your e-cig battery lifespan so you can spend your vaping money on that awesome new sub tank.

How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?

To understand the lifespan of your vaping battery, you need to first have an idea of how vaping batteries work. In the early days of vaping devices, a disposable battery was the norm. Most vaporizers now use lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries. They are not that different from the battery which powers your laptop computer in terms of chemistry and composition.

These batteries do not have an infinite lifespan. Their ability to hold a charge will eventually run out, and the battery will need replacement. The expected life of your battery is approximately 300 charging cycles. This means you should require a new battery every 10 months or so if you charge once per day.

A battery with a higher mAh rating will give you more function from a single charge. In other words, an 1100 mAh battery will need recharging less often than a 650 mAh battery. Still, both of them can be reasonably expected to provide 300 charging cycles. Therefore, you should opt for a higher mAh rating whenever possible.

General Vape Battery Care

Learning how to make a vape battery last longer is a byproduct of general vape battery care. The foundation of caring for your vape battery is keeping it clean.

Batteries can pick up many types of residue. The worst of this residue is the oil that comes from our hands. When you handle a battery, the oily residue on your hands is left behind. This substance then attracts more dirt particles. E-juice can also make its way to the battery compartment. You should regularly remove your vape battery and give it a good cleaning. Also clean the battery compartment and make sure everything is dry before you put it back in.

The Battery Charging Debate

There is a big debate about the proper way to charge lithium-ion batteries. There are those who rigidly adhere to only charging the battery when it is almost depleted. Some will even let it run out completely before recharging. The mentality behind this comes from an older era when rechargeable batteries actually possessed a memory of sorts. It was believed that the battery became accustomed to the charge it received.

The truth is that waiting until a battery runs low or runs out before recharging may not be such a good idea. A battery that is very low can demand more from the charging process. This can induce extra stress on the battery itself. Most experts recommend that you should charge the battery when it falls below half of its capacity.

Removing The Battery is a Bad Idea

You really shouldn't remove the battery from your vaping device if you want to learn how to make an e-cig battery last longer. Keep it in the device even when you are not using the vaporizer for a short period of time. These batteries are designed to be used, not stored. Storing a battery can reduce its lifespan.

If you do need to store vape batteries, do so in a place that is dry and cool. Excessive heat and moisture can damage batteries. So can excessive cold. Please don't put the batteries in the freezer like grandma used to do. You want them in a place where the temperature is consistent and controlled. The humidity should be low.

Spare Batteries Are Useful

One of the best ways to extend the life of a vape battery is to recharge it less often. You can do that by picking up some spare vape batteries and a recharging device. These accessories are affordable, and some of them will charge as many as eight batteries at once.

When you replace the battery in your device, just put the depleted one on the charger. Swap them out regularly. Don't overcharge the batteries. When they are full, take them off the charger.

You can have more fun vaping when you use these simple tricks to save money. It only takes a little bit of effort to accomplish most of these battery-saving tips. Always remember to treat your batteries with the ultimate care. Vape batteries today are much more advanced than they were even a few years ago, but they are still a device that provides an electrical charge. Always use appropriate caution when working with vaping batteries.


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