The Rules of Vaping Etiquette

General Etiquette for Vaping in Public Spaces

While vaping is different than cigarettes, there is still common sense and general etiquette that comes along with it. However, you can't abide by the general protocol for vaping if you don't have any idea what it is. This is every important because laws are starting to come out about vaping in public, and you want them to be favorable instead of restrictive. This article will go over a few tips and etiquette for vaping it public, along with cloud chasing in public tips.

Vaping in Public

The general rule to vaping in public is to use common sense and be conscious of the people that are around you.
  • Businesses. If you plan to go into a business, always ask a staff member if it is okay to vape. If not, put it away. It is considered disrespectful to the business if you simply walk in and begin vaping without asking. Asking a staff member if it is okay to vape or not is the easiest way to get your answer.
  • Driving. If you vape while you drive, it is a good idea to stick to either driving with the windows cracked or use a PG-based juice. Vaping produces a lot of clouds as well as residue on your windshield. This can impair both your ability to see, as well as other driver's ability.
  • Outside Around People. If you are outside by yourself, vape away. If you're around people, try to be conscious that they can smell your vape. It might smell great to you, but other people might not like it. You can fix this by taking a few steps away from the people around you and make sure the wind isn't blowing your vapor back at them.
  • Public Transport. There are many buses and other public transport that are starting to be more vocal about not allowing vaping. It is an enclosed space, and the clouds that are produced can be stifling. You might not mind it, but your fellow passengers will.

General Vaping Etiquette

This section of the article will talk about general vaping etiquette. Again, a lot of this comes back to common sense, but it can be easier to remember if you see it written down.
  1. According to [1], you should be ready to educate people constantly about vaping. Many people have never seen or heard of it before, and they may be curious. Don't be aggressive in your approach, and answer their questions as openly as possible. The more the general public is educated, the less hostility there will be towards vaping.
  2. Do not blow your vapor into someone's face. While this practice isn't necessarily harmful, it is incredibly annoying and rude. You should direct your vapor away from people or toward the ground. [2] advises against doing this to your fellow vapers as well.
  3. You should avoid vaping around children. Many parents don't appreciate anyone smoking around their children, and while vaping isn't smoking a cigarette, it is still a vice. You can always try to educate the parents, but it is usually easier to just step a few feet away and vape there.
  4. If there are people in your group that aren't vapors, avoid cloud chasing. Cloud chasing is a good way to show off and have fun, but it might offend the people around you. You should save this activity for people who will appreciate it.
  5. You should avoid vaping while you are eating or in a restaurant. This might not be prohibited, but it is rude. The smell of the e-juice can negatively affect the taste of the food. The vapor that is emitting while you're vaping is also heavier than smoke from a cigarette, and it tends to cling to people and places for longer periods of time.
Vaping can be an enjoyable experience and a conversation piece when it is done it the public sector. The simple etiquette steps that are listed in this article will help you have a better experience. They will also help to lessen any reservations people may have about vaping in general.




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