Is Vaping Harmful To Others?

Many people have turned to vaping in recent years as an alternative to smoking. While studies in the UK and the United States have upheld the use of a vaporizer as a safer choice than traditional tobacco cigarettes, some individuals still want to know if being around others who vape can be harmful. The answer lies in the critical differences between vapor and secondhand smoke.

Is Secondhand Vape Smoke Bad For You?

For starters, vapor is not smoke. It is important to understand that one of the primary benefits of vapor is that it eliminates many of the harmful carcinogens and compounds found in tobacco smoke.
While some e-juices used in vaping devices do contain nicotine, there are no studies which support nicotine as a substance that can cause cancer. The University College London recently conducted a long-term vaping study which analyzed the presence of harmful carcinogens and toxins in those who smoke and those who vape. Overwhelmingly, those who smoked traditional cigarettes displayed higher levels of cancer-causing substances in their body.
Researchers concluded that vaping was as much as 95 percent safer than smoking tobacco. A correlative effect would be that inhaling secondhand vapor poses virtually no risk at all.

Vapor Quickly Dissipates

Another reason that individuals should not worry about secondhand vapor is that vapor dissipates rapidly. It does not hang in the air like tobacco smoke. The reason for this is, once again, the absence of toxins and compounds that make secondhand smoke potentially harmful.
As far back as 2013, researchers determined that vapor dissipates faster than smoke. A study was conducted which measured the lingering effects of vapor and cigarette smoke in ventilated and closed rooms. It was determined that e-cigarette vapor does not produce carbon monoxide and only an insignificant amount of toluene, two of the primary risks of smoke.
It was concluded that aerosol particles from tobacco smoke lingered far longer in the air than those from vapor.

The Truth About Secondhand Vapor

While those who resist vaping as a better alternative than smoking work tirelessly to discredit vaping's success in helping smokers quit, the assertion that secondhand vapor is harmful is simply untrue. There is no data which conclusively supports inhaling secondhand vapor as harmful.
Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to inhale secondhand vapor even in a closed room with no ventilation. Those who have friends who vape should not be overly concerned with being at risk. It is also important to note that no significant studies have shown the presence of allergic reactions to vapor. However, many nonsmokers report being allergic to tobacco smoke.


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